Rothe Plantscapers Community & Social Initiatives

Rothe Plantscapers, formed in 2010, has grown from our original Johannesburg base to increase our landscaping footprint to other regions within South Africa. Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West and the Eastern Cape are all areas our landscaping services are now available. Rothe Plantscapers have at their disposal a team of qualified horticulturists combined with a thoughtful and knowledgeable management team with the combined experience of over 80 years in the landscaping industry in South Africa. We are a level 1 BBBEE and a 52% BWO Company.

Our mission is to creat a caring plantscaping empire, built via ethical business practices, a quality monitored management system, sustainable customer relationships, continuous reliability and project delivery speed.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing within Rothe Plantscapers aims to improve the quality of life of our customers and employees by empowering them whilst contributing towards their financial growth, independence and freedom.

Investing in communities within which we operate is an increasingly important objective  to Rothe Plantscapers. We are committed to the principles of socio-economic upliftment of the marginalised and previously disadvantaged within South Africa.

Rothe Plantscapers have contributed in excess of R500, 000.00 to a number of charitable causes through cash donations, SMME’s mentoring and entrepreneurial guiding during the current financial year, along with various other smaller donations. These include: Isiphephelo Home Based Care, Wits Junior Football Club, Sasol SMME Program, Manger Centre, Mama Beka Foundation, PrimeStars and others.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility wing implements programs that seeks to impact our communities positively.

Another great initiative among those is the Job Shadowing program to assist young aspiring entrepreneurs to become accustomed to the real time working environment, with another new initiative being our vegetable planting program carried out in rural schools.

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Rothe Plantscapers contributes to and is proud to be associated with Isiphephelo Home Based Care. The organization was established in 2002 by the Highveld ridge child and family welfare society in Mpumalanga, Gert Sibande district in Government Mbeki Municipality at Embalanhle location.

The organization concerns itself in all matters pertaining HIV/AIDS, TB, orphans and vulnerable children. The vision of the organization: To provide quality holistic care. The mission of the organization: To provide holistic care and support to patients with life limiting illness by training their families as primary caregivers in Embalanhle location.


The Isiphephelo home based care is currently establishing a KIDZALIVE program that will help children whom are infected and affected by HIV with counselling and disclosure. The program will be supported by the Hospice palliative care association, Social worker from mental health and local clinics. They currently have a small hall in their office that they can use but the hall is used by the caregivers for their meetings and other projects from time to time and the program sessions need quietness and concentration.

Rothe donated an amount of R 68 125.98 for the completion of a construction project to build a hall and expand the services that they offer.

We are also proud to associate with Wits Juniors Football Club and this year sponsored the U15 team who will be participating in the National Metro Cup KZN Football Tournament, which takes place from the 23rd September 2016 to 25th September 2016.

“Making a positive impact on the lives of young athletes is the force that drives our organization. Winning’s great, but the lessons and skills learned while training and competing are the seeds for future success in sports and in life.”


The Mama Beka Foundation through its Vakhegula-Vakhegula programme aims of the Mama Beka sports project is to help the elderly to keep fit and not stay home and feel lonely.

 Look at their age, 65 years above. Even some of the young girls, when you put them on the field they can’t do anything like those grannies can do.

Working with the Mama Beka Foundation, Rothe Plantscapers sponsors the Soccer grannies with its logistical needs to help them gain awareness and provide the necessary support to further the movement of the soccer grannies and ultimately to assist Beka to realize her dream of an ‘Africa Grannies Cup’, thereby helping to give self-worth to hundreds more ‘grannies’.

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Rothe Plantscapers is an associate of Primestars Marketing a company that specializes in facilitating Youth Development programmes for high school learners from underprivileged communities. The challenge with any broad-based education intervention is finding an effective vehicle that can deliver quality content to a large number of beneficiaries at an affordable cost. One such methodology is the Primestars’ utilisation of cinemas nationally, as “Educational Theatres of Learning”. This innovative medium offers learners the opportunity to be taught in a fun and experiential manner and allows for great brand exposure, as well as talent identification and CSI/SED opportunities. By supporting these programmes, both Public and Private Sector organizations have the means of giving back to communities by educating disadvantaged learners in a safe and neutral environment, outside of schools.

Rothe Plantscapers is one of the main sponsors of their very successful STEP UP 2 A START UP a nationwide programme developed to teach high school learners about how to start their own businesses. The leaners will develop environmental and social entrepreneurial skills through a multi- media educational experience.

Rothe Plantscapers offers business coaching to the Sasol’s Enterprise & Supplier Development and this is to accelerate the successful development primarily of local start-up small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). The objective is to promote the sustainability of start-up SMMEs by providing an array of business, technical and financial related support solutions together with fully equipped manufacturing facilities, essential business infrastructure and a network of experts and services.

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Rothe Plantscapers also donates cash to Manger Care Centre creates a loving environment that enables positive upliftment and empowerment through its various initiatives.  We achieve these goals through various programs that provide feeding, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, rehabilitation services and housing for beneficiaries.  By providing this assistance we also give hope by providing psychological, spiritual guidance and emotional upliftment, and strive to make destitute and vulnerable people feel that they are valuable and worthwhile members of society.

– John D Rockefeller –