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In September of 2017, Rothe Plantscaping had the privilege of attending the spoga+gafa Garden Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. The largest garden fair in the world.


Outdoor Kitchens

Held annually, the spoga+gafa  event is home to approximately 2,131 exhibitors from 59 countries around the world, who presented their new products and innovations from the gardening world. Split into multiple sections including garden living, garden creation & care and garden unique. The ingenuity and creative intent were on show, and we were particularly interested in the three exhibition halls dedicated to the art of Outdoor Kitchens, which is just a fancy way of saying Braai’s. but we didn’t want to show off. It is a trend to watch, showcasing that the ability to entertain in your own garden is a fantastic summer pastime. Spending time outside in your garden with your friends and family, in the outdoors you have had a hand in designing, is a valued experience.

Stand: D-021, Outdoor Kitchen World, Halle 8

Around 39,000 visitors from 113 countries attended this year’s event- that is a lot of garden and landscaping enthusiasts. All joined together in their common love of landscaping.

Besides the ability to network with top business contacts in the landscaping industry, spoga+gafa offered a diversified supporting programme. With the Youngstar design competition, The Boulevard of Ideas and The IVG Garden party to name a few. These were enhanced by the five POS Green Solution Islands. Here, the organisers presented ideas for the concrete design of retail space for garden centres and DIY stores. The focus here lay on cross-selling and curated shopping in order to create whole worlds for the end user.

Industry plants are undergoing a revival and have become an integral part of the design of shop interiors for what reason the POS islands are strongly focussing on plants. Furthermore plants obtain an increasing importance for the consumer while the POS islands present the integration of plants in everyday life. Besides that furniture, planters, decoration, grills, sanitary objects and much more products are integrated and therewith prominently presented in addition to the specialist department

The Future

With 81 entries, the unique “youngstar” contest was an insight into the creativity  coming through the industry. Jessica Bruni was announced as the 2017 winner with ‘Plants Talje’.

Hanging plants serve as an excellent example of breaking static room structures and making use of interior space. These award winning designs provide the option to raise and lower plants, either to water them, or simply change your room’s atmosphere – with a sand bag as a counter weight. Also for those who are not plant carers by nature, as the plants dry out they will migrate upwards. A very clever design indeed.

Nominees unique youngstar 2017, Pflanzen Talje, Jessica Bruni

Design-oriented outdoor furniture can be rearranged in different manners and stored away to save space.

Urban Gardening

The experience of the spoga+gafa trade fair provided us at Rothe Plantscapers with an in depth view and approach to contemporary worldwide gardening themes. Urban gardening was a buzzword with many exhibits focusing on how living in a city doesn’t mean you can’t get your thumb green. With the furnishing of balcony’s being taken to new levels as more people move into condensed spaces, yet still yearning for the peaceful garden experience. Multifunctional furniture is is the best way to effectively utilise available space with manufacturers focusing their creativity into creating benches that become tables, loungers that become daybeds and daybeds that become sofa’s with a table.

The event was a wonderful experience showcasing the decisive trends, innovations and world class expert knowledge in the larger outdoor garden industry. Which allowed us to interact with our peers from across the globe and expose ourselves to the trends that are being seen in Europe and abroad.

Photos From Our Trip